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  • Name:GE (A) Series ester solvent gravure printing ink


GE (A) is a series of inks do not use benzene, ketones environmentally friendly plastic film sheet gravure printing inks, the product has good resistance to 120 # solvent scrubbing performance. Main solvent for esters, suitable for food packaging printing requirements of environmental protection higher category.

A suitable substrate

1, PE, PP, CPP film (surface tension ≥38dyn / cm);

2, other substrates should be fully tested before use its performance and printability.

Second, product characteristics

1, with good resistance to 120 # solvent scrubbing performance;

2, ester-based solvents, printing products low odor, low residual solvent;

3, the printing surface smooth, strong adhesion, excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, blocking resistance, good printability.

Third, the technical parameters

1, viscosity: 45 ± 5 "(2 # Zahn cup) Temperature: 25 ℃

2, the fineness: Color <5 m, white <10 microns, metallic <30 microns

3, early dry: 20 ~ 50mm / 25 ℃ 30 some seconds?

4. Adhesion: ≥95%

Fourth, the diluent is recommended ratio


Ethyl acetate

N-propyl acetate

N-butyl acetate

Propylene glycol methyl ether

Fast Dry






Slow drying




Depending on the depth and machine printing speed may be.

Fifth, storage conditions

Ink dark at room temperature storage, shelf life of 12 months, gold, silver ink for three months, diluted ink shelf life will be shortened.

VI Notes

1, this series of ink does not have a composite performance.

2, before use of the test film surface treatment, if necessary, should be re-processed.

3, is not recommended for use in oil directly cake, cake and food packaging printing cooking class.

4, the printing establishments humidity should not be too large, should be ventilated to avoid excessive humidity caused by printing ink surface to absorb moisture, so that the surface of albino without gloss ink while reducing adhesion fastness.

5. For Fast, light, water resistance, chemical resistance, make special note when ordering


       This information is based on actual production and experimental integrated together, the product is suitable for the requirements of your company's performance also depends on the particular application conditions and whether the material to be printed to meet the requirements, we recommend that you printed before starting to understand whether the product meets own requirements. Since we can not predict or control the conditions of use of your company's products, so the effect of the product can not be guaranteed.


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