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Dekang brushing construction experience sharing

  Date:2014-11-05  Views:183

Home Improvement ultimately brushing paint, although you can spend money to hire a painter to paint, but in the end how brushing paint, many people still do not understand, below small paint brush to share basic experience for everyone. 

First, before brushing paint, first inspect the paint product quality to ensure for themselves whether to order. Pay particular attention to identify the product packaging, production address, date of manufacture, batch number and the effective date. It is worth noting that, to check the label on the product packaging, it is best to call the manufacturer for the corresponding batch check to ensure that the product is genuine. 

Second, please painter before brushing work to examine the qualifications and ability, it is recommended to try to find more knowledgeable friend to help check. 

Third, the right wall paint, putty to go through, leveling, grinding, brushing paint and other processes, and the first paint brush again, twice finish, and any shoddy work from the flatness of the film surface will be manifested. Eligible projects under the line looked very evenly backlit, see brushing marks. 

Fourth, after brushing the wall paint is complete, use the substance on the wall repeated friction, smooth feel Shunliu to illustrate the hard place, if the hand touch feeling very astringent, and then view the wall from the backlight direction, a clear cylinder through traces, then in the construction process, the number of brushing the wall paint is not enough, the thickness of the coating is mainly the house. 

Fifth, and finally acceptance, brushing the surface of the desired color to be consistent, can not have a transparent manner, drain brush, dusting, peeling and other engineering quality defects, not allowed not allowed to have skin, flow fall phenomenon, hands touching film smooth, can not afford to powder, doors, windows and lamps, furniture and other clean, no paint marks.

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