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Dekang chemical production line automation system will be put into operation

  Date:2014-11-05  Views:127

Dear partners: 

        You are good! Dekang here to share the good news: Dekang chemical production line automation system will be put into operation! ! 

        Run automated production line will provide powerful guarantee for the overall development of Dekang chemical. The new plant is designed to produce layout in accordance with the process online in series production, rational layout maximum to avoid wasted space, play the greatest energy efficiency of the new plant. Equipped with a dozen high-performance automated production equipment, using the most advanced ERP + DCS docking system (automatic control + monitoring system). The modern high-end operating model will greatly improve production efficiency, and ensure the continuity and stability of the product fundamentally fully meet the needs of the market. Enable automatic packaging equipment, from filling to labeling, but also highlight the extraordinary strength from the nuances. In the context of all advantages condition Dekang chemical will return with high standards and high-quality products to our new and old customers, so that we truly feel Dekang chemical "production-class products, provide first-class service," the essence. We sincerely thank you for your trust and support has long been Dekang chemical, sincerely wish that we continue to work together to create brilliant tomorrow!

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