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Exterior paint decoration and protection features

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We will be used in the decoration of exterior paint, exterior paint is the main function of decoration and protection of the building wall, so that the building looks beautiful and clean, so as to achieve the purpose of beautifying the urban environment. Meanwhile exterior paint can also play a role in protecting the building's exterior, extending its life. To obtain the desired decorative and protective effect, exterior paint should have the following characteristics: 

  (1) good decoration: Requires exterior paint colorful and excellent color retention, longer able to maintain the original decorative properties. 

  (2) the weather is good: exterior paint, because the coating is exposed to the atmosphere, to withstand wind, sun, salt spray, rain, cold and heat changes and other effects, repeated long-term effects of these external natural environment at the coating prone to cracking, chalking, peeling, discoloration and other phenomena, so that the loss of the original decorative coating protection. Therefore, the requirements within the prescribed facades useful life, the coating should not be above the destruction occurred. 

  (3) good stain resistance: Because of different regions of the environmental conditions are quite different, for some heavy industry, mining developed cities, due to the more atmospheric dust and other suspended matter, will easily lose their stain coating decorative effect, thus affecting the appearance of buildings. Therefore, exterior paint should have good stain resistance, so that the coating can not easily be washed away easily after contamination or pollution. 

  (4) Water resistance: exterior paint finishes exposed to the atmosphere, often by rain erosion. Therefore, exterior paint coating should have good water resistance. 

  (5) good resistance to mildew: exterior paint finishes easy to mildew in humid environments. Therefore, the required coating inhibit mold and algae growth and reproduction.

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