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October autumn season coincided with a good wall renovation

  Date:2014-11-05  Views:131

Recently, the people will notice after the National Day, although the sun hit in the face, but less of that kind of hot summer wind swept around, than the summer has a little more cool. This can not help but make people sigh: a burst of westerly winds, autumn rain, less heat, more coolness, also tasted the autumn atmosphere. People for the fall favorite, not only because of the cool autumn comfort, but also because of high air is crisp autumn day, so that people can engage more like outdoor travel, shopping treadmill, home decoration and other things. 

     When it comes to home improvement, especially in the home renovation and exterior paint, paint brush, many people feel when all OK. However, due to the nature of the paint itself, its influence climate temperatures are often very large. And brushing paint on the wall is dry will take some time, there is, for the ambient temperature of the control is also very important. 


     Fall, as a high air is crisp day of the season, the temperature is not high, dry air, people feel comfortable fast, whether south or north, is very suitable for construction coatings, construction effect can be well presented paint. Moreover, in the autumn on the wall paint renovation cost more to achieve more reduction. Because this is known as the coatings industry, "Golden September and Silver October," the season promotional period, many brands have begun to engage in promotional activities, the purchase of paint decoration during this time, will be sold to more than usual price and Painting Services . 


     While the dry weather in the fall for renovation to create a lot of convenience, but as we know in the fall, for the processing and summer wall surfaces are very different, this, the National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises in Guangdong China Zibo's the person in charge, said the classic brand of magic painting, home decoration wall now, mostly paint brush. Because the air is humid in the summer, as soon as possible in order to let the wall dry and ventilated doors and windows wide open. The climate is dry autumn, if the time wide open doors and windows, so that just brush the wall is good, "drafts" dry, walls because of the rapid water loss, which occurred in shrinkage deformation phenomenon. So it is best to let the wall dry naturally, during the drying process, leaving only a small amount of wind should be air circulation.

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