• Dragonfly Retreat

  • The Dragonfly Retreat has locations across China as well as Oslo and Dubai. You'll feel relaxed as soon as you enter its soft lighting and calming Asian music. It offers Chinese and Japanese massage as well as Aroma Oil and Oriental foot massages. The Chinese massage is performed fully clothed in a comfy reclining chair and is good for chronic neck and back pain (RMB 135). We particularly enjoy the Top to Toe where two massage therapists work on you simultaneously: one takes the head, back and neck and the other gives you an Oriental Foot massage (RMB 270). If you've partied a little too hard then the Hang Over Relief massage (RMB 270) is designed to encourage energy flow and detoxify the body.
    • 1\F, Eastern Inn, 6 Baijiazhuang Lu
    • 6593 6066
    • Daily, 10am-1am

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